Agent #s – template

Use this to keep track of your agent number with each carrier, your license number, and NPN. You need these in one central place.

There are links to the e-app, your backoffice, and quotes for each carrier. Feel free to save those webpages as favorites or put them in your bookmarks bar. On an iPad or iPhone you can save a url as an icon by tapping “add to home screen” while browsing in Safari. Equivalent is true for Android devices.

Save the carriers’ phone number in your phone NOW. If you’re writing business, you’ll end up calling the carriers for stuff. Make your life easy and save them as contacts.


This folder contains the following:

  1. Paper apps that will act as backups if there’s no wifi or mobile hotspot. (CFG and Royal Neighbors require you to submit a paper app before they’ll process your appointment request, that’s why they’re not in your SuranceBay).
  2. Miscellaneous forms with each carrier. E.g. if you need to change a client’s payment method or beneficiary, there’s a form for that.
  3. Anything that starts with FFL pertains to you as an agent. Familiarize yourself with these!! Print 10 copies of:
    • FFL – final expense client worksheet
    • FFL – mortgage protection client worksheet
    • FFL – policy summary for clients

Policy Tracker

This is the template that I use to track my policies. Copy and paste this into your own spreadsheet, do not share your clients’ info here!



Shawn Meaike forecasted that there will be 400 FFL offices in the U.S. by the end of 2021. There are 98 right now. Use them.

Office policy: Everyone love everyone.

Nick Ayala might have some agents in Las Vegas. Andrew Taylor might have some agents in Boca Raton. Nick isn’t going to exclude any agents from posting up at his office in Boca even if they’re not part of his team because he doesn’t want his agents in Vegas to get excluded by Andrew. Andrew is going to include everybody at his Vegas office because he wants Nick to do the same and have his agents be welcome at Nick’s office. This applies for everyone everywhere.

Before heading over to an office for the first time, contact the main person there. Their contact info will be in the “offices” section here. As per our schedule, there will probably be agents in the office dialing on Mondays and Thursdays. And it’s likely that there’s a BDM (business development meeting) going on on those days too. Just ask the VP in charge of the office. If they don’t get back to you, your best bet is to show up at noon on a Monday or Thursday.

Etiquette: We use the office to dial. If someone is dialing, keep to yourself. If you talk to them, you’re taking money away from them and their family. If they talk to you while you’re hammering the phones, they’re doing the same to you. Don’t be that guy.

Ask whoever is in charge if you can dial in the common area. They’ll say yes or no. Maybe they’ll have an open office available. Do what you can.